Electronic Services

Electronic Countermeasures

With business becoming increasingly competitive there has been an increase in the use of illegal devices such as phone taps, bugs, micro transmitters, minute cameras and other illegal electronic devices. With businesses trying to gain an edge over their competitors these devices are being increasingly used in boardrooms and executives offices.

NCI can provide you with a professional service for detecting these illegal devices and having them removed. Our trained personnel use sophisticated electronic sweeping equipment to scan, locate and remove the illegal devices.


Investigations & Surveillance

Many organisations today are exposed to theft, fraud and threats against staff or the company itself. Some industries are more susceptible to these areas than others due to the nature of their business and the high value of the goods or information which they deal in.

There are many areas in business today which are the target organised theft, employee theft, insurance claims or deliberate destruction of plant, systems or data. These areas can range from staff with opportunity, organised theft involving staff members through to industrial espionage.

NCI have fully trained and licensed investigators in both the factual and surveillance fields who use modern equipment and up to date investigative methodology to conduct thorough investigations for our clients.

The investigations are planned in consultation with the client to ensure that we do not cause any industrial or legal ramifications for them. The objectives of the operation are set out and planned clearly with information and evidence gathered through various legal means.

The client will be kept informed of the progress of our investigations and at its conclusion will be supplied with a full report on our findings and recommendations. Full briefs of evidence can be presented to the Police for prosecution and NCI will follow the matter through with the client to criminal or civil proceedings.

NCI is also capable of conducting covert surveillance within the workplace. We conduct these investigations in accordance with the Workplace Surveillance Act and obtain Covert Surveillance Authorities through the Chamber Magistrate of the Local Court.

These investigations can involve the use of covert cameras to detect staff theft and fraud to surveillance of staff outside the workplace during work hours who may be delivery or sales staff involved in illegal activities.

NCI has trained and licensed personnel to install covert cameras and recording systems in any environment. These installations are done at a time convenient to the client and so as not to arouse the suspicions of staff.

NCI conducts all investigation with the utmost integrity, discretion and confidentiality.


Alarm Monitoring

NCI has formed a business partnership with a number of security companies to ensure the monitoring and alarm/CCTV installation and servicing needs of our clients are met at the highest standards.

NCI will be the sole point of contact for all your needs and will maintain a close working relationship with Security Companies to monitor and ensure our clients’ interests are being met and delivered accordingly.

NCI have secured the services of all Sub-Contractors due to their high industry standards and neighbouring location to our offices. This will assist with a quick response to all inquiries from our clients.


A1 Security Accreditation

The monitoring station is Certified Grade A1. This means that the station is complaint with the Australian Standard AS2201.2. It is equipped with standby power generators to ensure an uninterrupted power supply and is fire and attack resistant. These structural features provide the monitoring station and its staff maximum security and protection whilst monitoring the client’s alarms.

The monitoring station is equipped with State of the Art Technology and is staffed by highly trained personnel. The monitoring station establishes a vital link between your alarm or video security system and the station 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.


Types of Monitoring

Alarm Monitoring provides our clients with a variety of security solutions. The various transmission methods available are:

  • Dialler Monitoring
    This utilizes the premises phone line to transmit signals to the monitoring station.
  • G.S.M
    This utilizes Global Satellite Monitoring. It can be used on its own to report signals or as a backup to dialer monitoring.
  • Radio Net
    This utilizes Radio Frequency.
  • Video Transmission
    This utilizes the phone line to send images enabling the monitoring station to verify whether alarm activation is a security breach or an authorized person.

The client’s choice is usually influenced by the level of risk associated with their premises.


Electronic Systems

NCI’s business partnership with all Sub-Contractors utilizes expertise in the electronic systems market. This expertise is in the fields of:

  • Alarm Systems – Intruder alarms, Hold-up Alarms, Fire Alarms, Medical Alarm.
  • Security Cameras (CCTV)
  • Intercoms
  • Access Control

This provides our customers with a ‘one stop shop’ for all their security needs.

NCI will be the sole point of contact for all your needs and will maintain a close working relationship with Sub-Contractors to monitor and ensure our clients’ interests are being met and delivered accordingly.

The supply and servicing of all Electronic Systems is performed by qualified and experienced technicians. Only quality brands which have been sourced from the best local and international suppliers are fitted and all equipment complies with Australian Standards.

Our partnership offers a full 24 hour Technical Support Service for all our clients.