About Our Security Guards in Sydney

Security Guarding Services

All NCI security guards, patrols and executive services personnel are fully trained and licensed in accordance with industry standards. These personnel are highly trained within their fields and are given full site specific training upon attendance at our client’s site.


Static Guards

Our client’s sites may vary in the duties required from our guards so each guard is hand-picked to complement the site. Due to the many diverse roles a security officer may be required to undertake we endeavour to select our personnel to have both a cultural fit with the clients business along with the specific skills required to carry out their duties.

NCI recruitment processes are in place to ensure all guards are fully licensed in accordance with the Security Industry Act 1997. All security guards have received NSW Police and VETAB approved security training through an approved training agency, also with a first aid certificate.

Our security patrol personnel come from various areas of employment being ex-military, ex-police, and trades people and from various other backgrounds. They have high level customer service skills and are trained in various other skills from first aid, bomb threats, vehicle searches and emergency evacuations.

All NCI employees are provided with uniforms. These uniforms can vary depending upon the specific location and type of duties required to be performed. They can range from suits in concierge situations, corporate attire in high rise buildings through to polo shirts in event situations. These uniforms provide our clients with a high profile security presence.


Mobile Patrols & Alarm Response

NCI provides mobile security patrol services Sydney wide to our clients when their businesses are at their most vulnerable. The mobile patrol officers are fully trained as to the requirements of each individual site and have an in depth knowledge of the local area that they patrol.

The patrol officer will react quickly in the event of any disturbance being detected at the client’s site. Whilst on site and detecting a disturbance the patrol officer will contact the monitoring station to report the incident and they will carry out the client’s instructions as recorded in the control room database.

In the case of an alarm at the client’s site the monitoring station will contact the patrol officer by way of two way radio and ensure a prompt response.

NCI uses the 'Valuetronics System' in all its patrol vehicles for their client’s peace of mind. This system makes use of a small button which is placed at the client’s site or in the case of larger sites can be placed in a number of locations around the site. Upon attendance at the site the mobile patrol officer will scan this button with the probe, this automatically records the time and date of the scan.

The probe records the data number contained within the button and is downloaded onto a database. A printout or word document can then be made of the patrols conducted at the client’s site and forwarded to them upon request or at agreed time frames. This information is also audited by NCI management to ensure compliance with our client’s service requirements.

This service ensures that NCI is at all times transparent and honest in our dealings with our client’s.


Cash In Transit

NCI can provide our clients with security guards for cash in transit and banking activities. This service is provided for clients with numerous locations or an individual site and can be provided throughout Australia.

Our cash in transit operatives are fully trained and licensed to carry out this type of duty. They are trained in surveillance and counter surveillance measures along with risk identification.

This service is usually provided by operatives in plain clothes to maintain a low profile but can be performed in uniform. All vehicles used in this type of work are fitted with safes for the storage of monies in transit to your nominated bank.

NCI complies with all aspects of the WorkCover Code of Practice regarding this type of work. Our security guards and strategy experts will perform a comprehensive risk assessment of the pickup location, banking establishment and the areas in which these premises are located.

At NCI we have provided this service to remove the vulnerability of organisations having untrained staff moving money between locations. This activity placed both the company and the employee at risk.

Legislation under Section 43 of the Occupational Health & Safety Act 2000 covers employer’s duties in regards to ensuring the safety of all employees.

Under OH&S Regulation 2001 it states; an employer must eliminate and reasonable foreseeable risk to the health and safety of:

  • Any employee of the employer
  • Any other person legally at the employers place of work


Executive Services

NCI specialises in this area of security. In today’s changing environment we are finding that our client’s are seeking protection for their personnel and property whilst trying to maintain an unobtrusive and non overt security presence. This is to both maintain staff morale and allay customer fears.

AT NCI we have a number of areas where we can maintain the protection of your business and personnel through minimal security insignia and covert methods.

Among the services provided are:

  • Personal protection services for executives and individuals.
  • Concierge
  • Corporate security officers
  • Security consultancy and assessments
  • Risk assessments
  • Electronic countermeasures (debugging)
  • Investigations (criminal, fraud, theft, insurance matters etc)
  • Surveillance (criminal and insurance matters, covert workplace surveillance authorities)


Concierge-Corporate Security Personnel

NCI security guards chosen for these positions are handpicked and of the highest quality. They are chosen due to their high customer service focus, aptitude to deal with situations and ability to work in prestige locations such as high rise office buildings, corporate areas, concierge positions and high profile businesses.

These security guards can be dressed in either business suits or NCI corporate uniform. Their dedication to the client and their duties is first class along with their ability to deal with diverse issues.


Personal Protective Services

NCI understands that in today’s society the risk of threats and extortion to business executives and staff has increased. Our executive protective unit is focused on providing close personal protection for high profile persons, senior executives or any staff member of an organisation who is under threat.

The members of this unit come from backgrounds in the NSW Police service protection groups along with former military special forces personnel from both Australia and overseas. These operatives have advanced skills in protective driving, surveillance and counter surveillance measures, risk identification and armed/unarmed combat.

The unit will travel anywhere within Australia and can provide services for functions, meetings, travel and even home protection. Unlike some other security guards and patrol staff, they do not wear uniforms (unless specifically requested) and blend into any scenario that they are required to work in. The unit will ensure absolute discretion and confidentiality for the client at all times.


Security Consultancy and Risk Assessments

It is a growing ‘fact of life’ that in today’s society people are becoming more litigious. As a result of this organisations are increasingly being sued for a variety of matters which in turn are costing large amounts of money to defend.

Due to the increase in litigation many companies have found that a simple risk assessment of their premises or business could have either identified problem areas or limited their exposure to this course of action.

NCI has security guards and other personnel with twenty years’ experience within the security and law enforcement industries. This experience has been gathered in areas such as warehousing, transport, licensed premises, retail shops, warehouses, hospitals, defence establishments, high rise office buildings, large events and critical infrastructure. These personnel are fully licensed security consultants with tertiary backgrounds in risk assessment and security consultancy.

Our trained protection and security patrol personnel can conduct risk assessments for your organisation based on security, OH&S, systems failure, the loss of your premises/databases and even environmental issues. We have specialists (including university professors) in a number of varied fields to assist us with the compilation of your risk assessment.

We will identify your areas of risk based on factual data and identify ways that these can either be fixed or improved. We will assist you with the implementation of these procedures and monitor them on an ongoing basis.

The client will receive a fully typed and bound risk assessment identifying the problem areas and with recommendations to decrease or remove the risk.

Our trained personnel can also perform security consultancy to your business. This consultancy can be as simple as identifying your security needs in manpower, physical and electronic security or conducting a full security risk assessment for you.