Looking for the best security companies in Parramatta?

Whether you’re developing a formal security plan for a one-off event, or upgrading protection on your business premises, it can be hard to know where to start. Do you need personnel, or just electronic monitoring? How many security guards do you need? What type of cameras would best cover your property? What security solutions would make your staff and patrons feel safe? As one of the leading security companies in Parramatta, NCI can provide comprehensive risk assessment and protection plans. Our scope of services is second to none; from state of the art equipment to expert protective personnel with military and police backgrounds, you and your stakeholders will be well taken care of.

Our security guards in Parramatta are proud to protect a wide range of businesses, office premises, and private individuals. With their professional backgrounds in police, military and executive protection services, they are well equipped to deal with a wide range of challenging circumstances including organised criminal attacks, security risks in high-traffic areas such as at public events, and threats to the physical integrity of a premises such as breaking glass, jimmying doors, picking locks etc. As experienced and highly trained security guards, they are able to provide a discreet service and can wear suits or uniforms, depending on your requirements. From cash businesses with regular banking-related protection needs, to large multi-purpose premises with diverse needs in terms of patrols and camera monitoring, we can take care of it all.

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